​​Overhead costs are always a business owners number one priority, and we understand that.   Graphic Lava Studios strives to offer quality design work  at competitive pricing.


​​The staff at Graphic Lava Studios, are educated both in the Collegiate and professional realms, with over 15 years of business-related design  experience.

Graphic Lava Studios is a professional graphic design firm based in Fort Collins, Colorado, offering high quality logos, branding, advertising, printed material, product labeling, & packaging across all industries

​We're known for our distinctive perspective and ability to bring the customer's independent expression to each project. Our goal is to capture the unique quality and personality of every concept and put it into the final product.

Whether you're seeking a new logo for your company, or simply need to re-work your current design, we can help.  Contact us today to get started.

Graphic Lava Studios - Professional Graphic Design in Fort Collins

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Urgency to a project is one of our most definable characteristics.  We understand timelines that our customers require and we will complete your project within
​any given deadline. 


​Our customers strive for excellence, and so do we.  We understand the importance of being represented in the most eye-catching and sophisticated manner and offer 100% quality.

Our Mission